Who Are You When Everything Falls Apart?

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Do you ever have those days, weeks or months when your whole world seems to be crashing down around you?

The ones where everything you do seems to come up topsy-turvy and things are just not going your way AT ALL?

I had one of those weeks and it has been a real challenge for me.

I won’t go into to detail about every event that happened in order to spare you the victim mindset and “woe is me” story.

I will tell you this: In the last 7 days I have experienced the following…

-A terrible event that involved the police

-A laptop I use for many hours a day that won’t turn on and will take a week to be fixed

-A bad injury resulting in my rib being broken

-A 10+ year soul-sister relationship that is no more

-Witnessing friends go through an ugly divorce involving a restraining order

-Spending over $2000 on car repairs

-Being told yet AGAIN that I’m still not suited for a particular job I’ve been dreaming about

So how am I dealing with it all?

I am choosing into gratitude and peace every day.

Every day I am getting up and choosing to be grateful and peaceful, regardless of the circumstances.

It is simply a choice.

Is it always easy to choose that? No.

However I look at it all and think “What choice do I have that will serve me best?”

The circumstances around me are happening, regardless of my attitude.

I can be miserable and let every little thing get to me or I can embrace the opportunity to grow in the struggle.

I can choose into something that serves me moving forward…

-I can look at the massive car costs and be thankful that I have a reliable automobile to drive

-I can see my broken rib as an opportunity for rest and practice asking for help

-I can look at the friendship that has been lost as an opportunity to create space for a new friendship to come in to my life

-I can understand that sometimes people need to split up and it is best for both parties regardless of how I feel about it

-I can choose to see my broken laptop as a chance to get other things done around the house that I might not do if I was focusing on work

-I can look at life as an amazing journey and not just focus on the end result — the dream job, car, etc. I can live every day knowing I am one step closer to my dreams if I show up in a way that serves me and others

-I choose to take circumstances that I don’t like and turn them into opportunities that will enhance me.

Life is about what we think — every experience that we have is our own perception of what is happening around us.

We are creating our lives through our thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

The filter inside me remains rose colored because the negative circumstances will filter through it and they will enter into me more joyfully.

If my filter is dirty and full of darkness, I will experience more negativity inside and that won’t make me feel any better.

Do I have my moments when I just want to cry about everything? Sure I do.

And I choose to cry for that time. Then I shift into gratitude and peace again once I’ve released my emotions.

I talk with close friends and my husband, who are all very supportive and loving. I ask for help when I need it and I focus on the moment I have right now.

I focus on being grounded into the earth so that I am present and open to all the goodness this world has to offer.

If you are struggling today please remember you have a choice. You can suffer through the circumstances or you can choose to overcome and be a quality of your choosing in the midst of life’s hardships.

Today I choose gratitude and peace. What do you choose?

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