How to Use Feedback to Create the Life You Want

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Feedback is everywhere. We receive it every day and often we don’t notice it. It can be perceived as either negative or positive, but really feedback is just feedback. In every area of life we receive it, but how do we view it and what do we do with it to create the life we want?

We often think of feedback as coming from a formal meeting where a boss or superior sits us down and tells us what they think of our performance. That is certainly one way we receive it, however there is also the feedback we receive in everyday life from our friends, family, co-workers, etc. It comes in the way we relate to others, how they receive our information and how they return that back to us. It is like looking into a mirror.

This does not only show up in relation to what we say, but also in how we are. We show up in life a certain way and people relate to us based on that, as well as their own interpretation of us. What we get to do is pay attention to the way people show up around us because that in itself is feedback. Once we take careful notice of that, we can take some ownership over it and use it to create situations that serve us (and others) well.

For example, have you ever been with someone who is in a really bad mood and you find yourself feeling unhappy too? Or maybe you are with a friend who is extremely energetic and you find that your own energy increases because of the way they are. We pick up energy from people all the time and that is feedback.

Ask yourself: How are people acting around me? What kind of energy am I giving off? Are they picking up on good energy from me and reciprocating? Am I creating a positive context?

Ask yourself these questions often so your skills can be fine-tuned. Take their feedback as a chance to look into that mirror. Really try to recognize how people around you are behaving. Notice how you make them feel and pay attention to how they make you feel.

What do you REALLY desire and how can you create a context with others that allows you to get that?

Are you creating a situation where other people change based on the positive context you create? What result do you want? If you want to rev up the energy, be energetic. If you want to create a more solemn mood, be calm and relaxed. People around you WILL change to match your energy.

Pay attention. Play with it. Practice and get better.

Create what you want by being exactly how you want others around you to be. Nearly 100% of the time they will pick up on your energy and shift. Once you can do this, you will be able to create the result you want just by being you.

Now go BE!

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