Alana Palm is a teacher, life coach and promoter of truth, kindness, understanding and love.  She lives her life focused on embodying strength, character, integrity and serving others. She is a committed member of her church and enjoys writing, reading and spending time with friends and family.  She is married to a wonderful man and is raising a beautiful 3 year old daughter.

If you would like to contact Alana, please do so through email at or fill out the contact form on this page.

Alana welcomes conversation around coaching, speaking engagements, her personal testimony, how her faith has helped her in moving forward in life and much more.

Alana Palm is open to speaking on the following topics:

~Healing from Brokenness

~Being Transformed by the Renewing of the Mind

~Letting Go of what isn’t Helpful

~Finding Peace and Joy Every Day

~Dealing with Co-dependency

~Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

~Fostering Self-Worth and Self-Love

~Experiencing Grief

~Living with Chronic Pain

…and much more.

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